Introduction and Interesting Points

Laravue is an administrative dashboard built using the Laravel framework as the backend, Vue.js on the frontend, and the Element UI Toolkit. Laravue is a full stack application aimed to solve enterprise level problems. This is the first time I came across a project on GitHub that was created by a Vietnamese community; as a fellow Vietnamese person, I am proud to see my people working on such a cool project using my favourite JavaScript front end framework. The UI is absolutely stunning and I can definitely see all sorts of companies using this.


  • Your machine needs the latest Laravel and Node.js versions
  • It is recommended to use this project from scratch

Built with

  • Laravel – a PHP framework
  • VueJS – a progressive JavaScript framework
  • Element – a Vue 2.0 based component library
  • Vue Admin Template – a minimal Vue admin template with Element UI

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Full Stack Developer, Computer Programmer, and Analyst

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