OSD 600 Lab 3 – Hacktoberfest

For the month of October, Digital Ocean is hosting a Hacktoberfest to bring the open source community together and hack at open source projects on GitHub. Hacktoberest is open to everyone and after registering and making four pull requests, they will mail you a limited edition t-shirt!

My current goals for this October include:

  • Getting involved in projects I find interesting. I’ll be on the lookout for front end development projects (specifically Vue and React since I really like both frameworks and think there’s a demand for Vue and React developers)
  • Learning more about how to use git. I feel like as soon as I think I got the hang of git, I suddenly find more stuff about git I didn’t know about…
  • Maaaaaaaaaaybe play with Ruby and Ruby on Rails some more, I started learning the basics of Ruby during the summer and loved it but was a little discouraged by the lack of demand for Ruby programmers in the job market

I’m interesting in these projects:

Ember.js (I can’t resist the hamster)


He’s so cute!!



Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps.



I’ve encountered all three of these projects before but never had an opportunity to use them for anything so I don’t know how they work, I want to try to build simple basic applications using them. After I get the hang of it, I’ll try to see if I can contribute anything to these.

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Full Stack Developer, Computer Programmer, and Analyst

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