OSD 600 PR #2 – Found a DnD repo!

This week I didn’t really have time to do a complicated pull request as it was Thanksgiving weekend so I found a repo that was interesting and very easy to fix. I’ve been a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering so I thought “I wonder if I can find some cool projects on GitHub”. I found this new Random DnD character generator but it’s a really small project.


They wanted more Halfling names added to their names.json file so I opened up my Player’s Handbook and added the names found in there. I also forgot to turn off my “Format On Save” setting on VS Code before I made the commited and sent the pull request… they may reject my code based on this or ask me to change it or do something…………? I don’t know, I haven’t had to edit my own code after submission yet so maybe I’ll get to do that


The random character generator isn’t visually appealing and all the output is in the command line so this project could definitely use some improvements

Sample output with some of the names I added for Halflings

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