OSD 600 PR #3 – Many attempts were made…

I’m having some trouble finding the right repos for me, I encounter the following:

  • Project is too small and the fix is too easy
  • Project is too large, I don’t know how to fix any of the issues and I get lost in all the code

So far, I have contributed to very small projects with less than 10 contributors and I really wanted to find projects that were suitable for my level. I cloned around 5 different repos for this week but I’ve ran into more problems (just gonna name a couple here):

  • Can’t figure out how to get the right environment running (this one was the most frustrating to work with)
  • The project is really cool and simple but I can’t fix the issue I wanted to fix
    • https://github.com/ericadamski/alphabet-keys : This one is a letters and numbers game for kids to start learning how to use the keyboard. I really like this one because I have a little 3 year old that would be stoked if I taught her how to use the keyboard. Anyways, I couldn’t figure out how to fix this issue so I also gave up…

Due to time constraints, I settled for this issue: https://github.com/s-Hale/BuildTravelCards/issues/116

Before my fix

It still took a lot longer than I thought to figure out what went wrong with this project as it was poorly maintained. This had over 50 contributors with a lot of beginner developers so it was a complete mess to through. I tried to implement Bootstrap since there were css files all over the place but I thought “you know what? This must have worked once upon a time… maybe someone added something where they weren’t suppose to”. I dug into the inspector tool on Google Chrome and found that the Contact.css file modified the entire App class to a max-width of 420px so that’s why everything looked like crap. https://github.com/s-Hale/BuildTravelCards/pull/133

After my fix

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