OSD 600 PR #4 – React

So I decided to sign the CLA for Facebook’s React project on GitHub and tackled https://github.com/facebook/create-react-app/issues/7886 . The bit.ly links were dead and lead to 404 Page Not Found. It’s not really my place to fix this small issue since the person who put the original bit.ly link can change it so it redirects to the correct URL but I just wanted to see what it’s like to make an attempt at contributing to a big project that actually does checks and tests before accepting people’s code. This is my PR : https://github.com/facebook/create-react-app/pull/7887

It was interesting to see how this simple issue was reported. It had a description, what kind of environment you were running when you encountered the issue, screenshots, steps to reproduce the problem, what it’s suppose to normally do and what actually happened. It’s very detailed and organized. I surprisingly didn’t get lost in this code considering I was always intimidated by large projects due to the complexity.

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Full Stack Developer, Computer Programmer, and Analyst

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