OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Telescope #1

Telescope is a project meant to replace the outdated Planet that started in to the early 2000s. There will be 50+ student developers working on this where we all have an equal stake and are expected to pretty much find work to do instead of having someone assign it to us.

This project started with just three .md files and it required Redis… I knew nothing about Redis before this besides the name and logo. It didn’t seem complicated at first but took me some time to even get the environment up and running. I tried running it on Windows but I Windows wasn’t cooperating and I couldn’t use Docker because it wanted to me to turn off Hyper-V and a few other things I needed to run VirtualBox which I needed for my other class.

Next I tried running it on my Ubuntu VM but I couldn’t run anything as root because apparently I don’t have the right privileges. I can log in and use the terminal as root but I couldn’t run any of the redis commands because I wasn’t root?? I was going insane like “What do you mean I don’t have the right privileges? I am root, what more do you want? Is there another root I should know about?! HELLOOOOO” I pretty much stormed out of the room all pissed off because it was the second night in a row of me trying to get this simple thing to work but it wouldn’t. Now I’m a pretty quiet person and I told myself that if I ever start yelling at inanimate objects such as my laptop, it means I’m too stressed out to think clearly and need a break. Then I watched This Is Us and cried internally.

My next attempt was using Fedora, happy to say I finally have the project running with no problems (for now).

Going through my search history from a few days ago makes me laugh thinking about how much I invested into getting this to work…

I’ve been going through a lot of issues and pull requests and learned how to do reviews. They’re actually pretty fun. I saw the Adobe XD mock up someone did and thought I could help out with it but then I was like “wait how do I even submit a pull request on a mockup that doesn’t involve any code on Github?” so I thought “well I’ve been struggling with setting up this project and Redis the entire time, I should write documents to help whoever has/had the same problems I had”.

I’m collaborating with MusaBajwa on Issue 73 and have already submitted a pull request. Now I’m just waiting for my PR to be reviewed so I can merge it. Doing documentation in this pull request helped me learn markdown syntax. In the meantime, I’ll be working on my external project and reviewing other people’s work.

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