OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Create-React-App

In my Release 0.2, I made an attempt to resolve dead links found in the create-react-app repository but unfortunately, this issue couldn’t be resolved by someone outside Facebook since the new shortlinks needed Facebook Open Source to set up the DNS for it. This issue won’t be resolved for a while because there are actually a lot of deadlinks in their files.

My PR was added to their project board so they don’t forget to fix it in v3.3

After I graduate, I want to get a job as a front-end/full stack developer so working to fix an issue in the create-react-app repo would look great on my resume. I had some trouble finding a good issue for my Release 0.3 because they were either out of my scope or already taken. I eventually found one that has been hiding and no one really paid attention to. Sure, it was originally opened September 20 and someone wanted to do it on October 8th but that person asked “how do I get started?” and that was the end of that conversation. The developers recently added a new logo (changed the colour from blue/white to green/grey) and they wanted a branding page.

My PR addressed their new colour scheme. However, I am aware that some people rejected the new logo and colour scheme as it kinda messed with the projects already made in React using the previous stuff so there was a merge to revert back to the old logo. I didn’t follow too closely to what was happening with that since their website is currently using the new logo and colours so I just went ahead and submitted my PR with the Logo Resources page. They use docusaurus which I find to be very organized so maybe in Release 0.4, I will suggest this to be used in the Telescope project.

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