OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Telescope #1

So one of my issues this week was adding an express middleware to the frontend. Nothing too exciting but it took me longer than I wanted to figure it out because I was a little bit confused about our project’s structure, there were 3 files I could’ve put the middleware in but I had help from lucacataldo (I say “help” but his solution pretty much resolved the issue so I didn’t do much besides change two lines…). Here’s the PR.

Continuing on, I decided to team up with SeanPrashad to organize our markdown documents using docusaurus but I don’t think I have time to actually get around to doing it until after the semester is over.

I found another issue while playing around with the project, it’s a small issue and won’t take long to fix but I haven’t gotten around to fixing this either because I’ve been busy with other things, I hope no one is mad I’m taking so long to get this fix up @_@

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Full Stack Developer, Computer Programmer, and Analyst

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