OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Telescope #2

For the Telescope project, I found an issue where the href link to the login page wasn’t pointing to the correct location and it was best to move the file to the frontend directory. It was an easy fix so I quickly pushed it without checking the entire page. I totally missed that the “Go Back” href also needed to be changed. Good thing this project needs the approval of at least 2 reviewers before it can be merged. Here’s the PR.

For my Release 0.3 external project, the PR I proposed was shown little interest but hasn’t been marked as stale yet. I kinda expected it since my PR didn’t quite fit with what they already have on their website. It’s okay though, I learned about docusaurus and… I know this is silly but apparently create-react-app and react are two totally different things!

Anyways, I think I’m gonna try to find an issue in the actual React github later this week for my Release 0.4.

Published by cindyledev

Full Stack Developer, Computer Programmer, and Analyst

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