OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Canada’s Open Source

I got an email the other day from Code for Canada (it was their monthly update newsletter) and saw that Canada has an Open Resource Exchange platform which has a list of open source projects developed by Canadian public administrations. This was something new to me so I thought “wow, let’s see what cool open source projects they have up”.

They have about 34 entries on the site and it’s pretty interesting going through all of them, there were some from British Columbia, Alberta, etc. Some were not active… like some projects were pushed once and have been neglected since.

I decided to go with canada-ca/design-system-systeme-conception because I thought their website could use some work and the project was active. I filed a new issue to implement some linting because I saw that they had none. I implemented stylelint previously in our Telescope project so I wanted to implement the same for Canada.ca Design System.

My PR picked up more linting errors than I expected so I changed stylelint to check only one file for demo purposes. If they like what they see, they can have it check other .css files in other locations. Anyways, I don’t think my PR will be merged because they are currently trying to rebuild and merge two repos so they could have a better git workflow. I think my PR is okay but the timing is just not right.

As an aside, I had a lot of run reviewing PRs for our Telescope project and would be working on it between semesters. I have OSD 700 next semester and I’m stoked to see what we’re gonna be doing next month! My open source journey has been a blast and I feel like this is the most career-relevant course in the CPA program. I’m so glad I stuck around instead of graduating with CPD.

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