OSD 700 – Release 0.6 Progress

For 0.6, I’ve assigned myself Issue #530 which is pretty much documenting what endpoints we currently have. This shouldn’t be hard to do. As I look at my calendar and notice that today is the first of February, I also note that I’ll be entering Week 5 of this class in a couple days and I haven’t written a single line of code (how I managed to do that, I don’t know). I’ve done 4 weeks of documentation, and a ridiculous amount of testing and code reviewing. I didn’t intend to do docs for so long, I really had a masterplan going. I originally was gonna do docs for TWO weeks then hop over to do frontend work but I wanted to see a design that I liked before I commit. I’m pretty shallow, if it looks beautiful, I’m all over it. After the presentations on Wednesday, I saw that there was a dire need for frontend developers and the design proposed was good. I can tell the designer put extra care into the little details. I can definitely work with people who care about UX and want to make each page visually balanced. I was added onto the Adobe XD project as a collaborator which lets me see timestamps of revisions and I can see that she spent at least 6 hours yesterday working on the updated design after getting feedback on Wednesday, she also spent 2 hours making on-demand edits for two very nit picky developers in the GitHub discussion. Wild. I made some minor edits to the mockup before yesterday so I’m hoping I didn’t contribute to her time lost fixing my boo-boo’s on Adobe XD, I’m still pretty green.

On to my next Issue #517, this one is super cool and if I can get this running, we can automatically deploy frontend pull requests so everyone can see them. Reviewing will be easy peezy. I just need to actually start it…

I’ve been noticing how hard it is to initiate projects even with a plan. I just starting coding for my capstone project today in JAVA (oh lord, I can’t believe I said that in a sentence). I still hate Java with a passion. So far, I’ve been the only one to push code into our repo… I personally think we’re super behind but my other two members think we’re good on time. They must be following a different calendar than I am.

This is literally just me monologuing in our team Discord chat

Future employers, don’t offer me a Java job… I’ll only accept it if I’m really hungry.

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