OSD 700 Release 0.6

As promised, I completed Issue #517 and Issue #530. 517 dealt to integrating Zeit Now which was a little weird to do because in order to actually set it up, I had to be the organization owner or repo owner and I was neither or those so I had a lot of help from @humphd . Everything is working as it should for Zeit, we’re all able to see the logs and deployment information (for now). I did a small demo in class for this and hopefully didn’t confuse too many of my classmates. I’m not very good at multitasking so I had to stop talking to type XD. I did a little dry run the night before and realized that running Telescope on my VM would be way too laggy for the presentation so I decided to run it directly on Windows, luckily for me I didn’t even need to have Docker running to run npm run develop since it only dealt with the frontend stuff and didn’t need the backend stuff. I don’t like developing on Windows because I have to mess with my Hyper-V settings to have Docker to run and that meant I would lose the ability to run my VirtualBox and Android Studio. I can’t can’t have both; it’s either Docker only or everything else I like. Plus every time I change the setting, I needed to restart my laptop.

530 was just documenting four domain. I thought documentation PRs would be very easy for everyone to review and approve but nope, not everyone is interested in reading documentation so most of the time it just sits there for at least a couple days. Doesn’t matter if it’s 4 lines or a whole guide, it still takes at least a couple days to get approved.

The third Issue I picked up was #642 , it was a late pick up but I knew I had to do something for the frontend so I picked the easier of the two (OR SO I THOUGHT). I glanced over the frontend React code for the Zeit demo and I was like “ah this is different, I just need to edit a line for my demo, I’ll look at the rest later”. I also procrastinated because the frontend was being restructured so I waited for it to be merged before I did anything. Come Thursday night, I’m actually reading the code and was like “What happened? Is this what React looks like now??? What’s ({ className, drawerHandler, scrolled })?”

const Header = ({ className, drawerHandler, scrolled }) => (
  <header className={`${className} ${scrolled ? 'sticky' : ''}`}>
    <nav className={`${className}__navigation`}>
        <HamburgerButton click={drawerHandler} />
      <div className={`${className}__title`}>
        <a href="/">Telescope</a>
      <div className="spacer" />
      <List items={items} className={`${className}__navigation`} />

Header.propTypes = {
  className: PropTypes.string,
  drawerHandler: PropTypes.func,
  scrolled: PropTypes.bool,

I’m used to this

class Welcome extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return <h1>Hello, {this.props.name}</h1>;

I tried my best to follow the frontend React structure but it was hard because I didn’t truly understand the code. Part of me wanted to just write my component my way but I got a few errors and was like “okay, I guess I can’t do it my way, I’ll try the original way again”. I managed to get the bits I wanted on the screen but I’m currently having some trouble styling it so I decided to throw a PR of what I have and I got a couple helpful comments on how to achieve what I wanted. I haven’t gotten around to trying it because I wanted write this blog post first.

In our next Triage meeting, we’ll be unfreezing the frontend design so I’m pretty excited to see what cool new features we’ll be adding.

I also like to do a little blurb about my progress in my capstone project even though it’s unrelated to open source but it’s something that I was passionate to work on for months. I say ‘was’, past tense because we switched technologies and suddenly I’m not as motivated to put 100% into my work on the frontend. I admit it’s sloppy but every time I add something new from the palette, I immediately get an error and I’m like “I KNOW I’LL GET TO IT AFTER I MOVE YOU IN THE RIGHT POSITION, STOP YELLING AT ME QQ”, it really just interrupts my workflow so much every time I get an error.

On another side note, our legacy Planet website officially passed away so now I’m stuck reading posts on our staging box and it’s totally weird because it’s not mobile friendly at all; every post is super skinny and there’s literally 1-3 words on each line which is so hard to read… It was alright previously but William suggested to add to padding (it probably looks nice on desktop but for me, it’s absolutely terrible since I’m probably the only one that reads the site on mobile) Ugh. I miss our Planet, my second most frequently visited tab on my phone says “Decommissioned” now 😦 I’ll keep it for a couple more days then I’ll delete the tab. I used to open Planet up pretty frequent and I almost added it to my home screen and I was like “eh it’s not an app, it’d be weird to do” but then I was like “WHAT IF IT WAS AN APP??? I COULD BUILD IT!!! I COULD BUILD IT IN REACT NATIVE”. Hey Dave, if you managed to get to the end of my blog post I would be totally down to build a Telescope React Native app so if Seneca is hiring students for innovative projects, here’s an idea and I’m up for hire after April 2020 >:D

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