OSD 700 Release 0.7

This is where I compare what our goals were, what we have achieved and what I have accomplished during this sprint.

Our Goals

  • I should be able to log out of the app (SSO login works, but logout doesn’t)

Even with an extra week, we didn’t finish everything on this list. We didn’t get the Logout feature to work so I guess we’re all forever signed in until we delete the cookies. Certs are hard. I know Grommers30 has been baking the SSO feature since November of last year and it takes a lot to stay motivated to continue.

  • A push to master should deploy to our staging box automagically

The second item made me laugh… automagically… (idk if this was intentional but it’s quite funny, I’m gonna start using this word now).

  • We have a prototype UI for doing search

That we do… I worked on this one. Just the UI part.

  • We can search for posts by Author

We have React components for this…

  • We have a prototype for an authenticated user to be able to Add a Feed from our frontend to the backend

This is in

  • Our Posts need to be better styled (images behave, fonts, etc)

lozinska did a terrific job here, our site looks so much better when we can actually read the posts. Silvyre fixed the huge emojis which I kinda miss

  • The UI needs to look closer to our design

It definitely does! agarcia-caicedo made so many little fixes to the UI. She’s the PR Santa in this release.

  • Our frontend app should make use of more Gatsby patterns and plugins

This could be worked on… We added a couple Gatsby plugins…

What I have completed

  • Previously in 0.6, I had did some initial work for the hero banner (PR #677) which I really struggled with because I thought I knew React but I didn’t… so I butchered the hero banner. In 0.7, I fixed it up a little bit so it doesn’t look as bad but it definitely still needs more work, the down arrow has no functionality.
  • The Scroll to Top button (PR #740) is one of my favourite features
  • Some initial work for the Search Bar component (PR #743), this was me learning Material UI which I have grown to love, it’s similar to Bootstrap but prettier. I’ve never used Material UI until I encountered it in this project so this was really exciting. When I try to explain what Material UI and Bootstrap are to people who are not software developers, I just tell them “Have you played with playdoh and tried to make a star freehand? When I try to do it, it looks like a disaster so I use tools like cookie cutters to make all kinds of shapes. Material UI and Bootstrap are like cookie cutters”
  • Improved CSS for the Search Bar component (PR #752), I learned a lot from reading c3ho‘s Create Author Result component (PR #744). I didn’t know how to change the background colour or center the components before reading his code.

Looking at this, I feel like I didn’t contribute as much I should’ve. This past few weeks have consisted of me not meeting a lot of my courses’ criteria for projects. For my Game Content course, I failed to complete my train. For my capstone project, I failed to complete the registration and login features for our Android application. I’m still nervous about how our mid semester evaluation went but I guess I’ll find out on Thursday how we did. And with Telescope… well you know. I wanted to progress more in all my projects but things are really picking up and it’s just getting more and more difficult. At this rate, I may be at risk of not graduating…

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