OSD 700 Release 0.8

Continuation from previous blog post.

Summary of Tasks


In Progress:

Footer idea

Procrastinating my own issues to deal with other issues…

For this release, I spent more time on other contributors issues/pull requests than my own. These are just a few that I’ve been following closely to (going in newest to oldest):

  • PR #854: Clicking on the menu icon toggles the drawer
    • I filed Issue #860 as a follow up to this PR, I might pick this up later because it bugs me (I’m one of the small screen phone people)
  • PR #843: Include version info on header banner
    • This is an improvement to @agarcia-caicedo ‘s #755. I made a small suggestion to fix the underline on hover and I also tried to help debug this PR because it kept failing Zeit Now which was something I implemented earlier in the semester. It’s currently still failing Zeit because const { sha } = require('git-repo-info')(); it doesn’t seem to like the double brackets or something. Everything works locally, just not on Zeit for some reason… I really just want this to land already…
  • PR #836: adds: post stats component to banner
    • The Hero Banner got some love in this one so I was automatically interested in reviewing and getting involved. In #815, I refactored the Hero Banner to a functional component and originally used MUI Breakpoints for a responsive font size for the Telescope title and based on the design of the Hero Banner, the title should be vertically centered so the title needed to change positions when the font size changed. I’m sure there’s a better way than using position: absolute but this is what we got working so… Anyways, I submitted my PR and my prof suggested using vw units instead of breakpoints so I changed it. In this PR, @raygervais used breakpoints to not only change the font size for the post stats component but he did it for the title AND version. My favourite community member so far. He even has another PR up for more Banner love. Which I’ll get to reviewing once I’m done here.
  • PR #834: Documentation for Full-Text Indexing(ElasticSearch)
    • Never even heard of ElasticSearch before encountering it on Telescope. It’s so powerful. This one I made sure I reviewed so I can understand it more. I still don’t know how it works 100% but I followed the documentation and “it works on my machine”.
  • PR #824: Add graphql-passport to Telescope
    • This was the first time I dealt with “login” locally, it took a couple days for me to actually get this working for me because it was confusing… I also never ran tests in functions before… and I’m trying to expose myself to GraphQL more, mostly interested in querying though.
  • PR #792: Make search bar return results
    • 19 commits later and this is still open XD. I worked with @c3ho previously on the Author Result component and this PR makes the search bar component that I made work return results. I mostly followed this PR and tried to run it locally to review it.
  • Issue #841: Header Bar text increases size when search button clicked
    • I monologued to myself in this issue. Turns out the index.css file (mentioned over a month ago in #741) was still causing problems. As you can tell, I like to investigate frontend issues and then I brag to my daughter how much of a bug catcher I am 😉
Everyone is busy playing Animal Crossing during all this Corona thing and I’m like “I wanna play Pokemon…”

I’m gonna stop here before I rabble on about parenting a 3-year old, my own spirituality during this “social distancing” crisis and stuff not related to open source…

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