OSD 700 Release 0.9


PR #861 Fixes #765 add toolbar mixin underneath Header bar

This fix stops the Header from overlapping on top of the SearchBar in the Search Page and any future pages that will have the Header. The Hero Banner had an anchor that added extra space at the top so I removed it.

In Progress

PR #896 About Page as Markdown Page

Unfortunately, this PR is still in progress. I’m collaborating with @agarcia-caicedo on this issue and it took me a while to understand Gatsby plugins. I played around with Gatsby plugins before for the PWA I was working on for Telescope but scrapped it because I don’t have the time for it but this time, the About page was very doable.

What’s included in this PR:

  • added this to gatsby-config.js. Didn’t have to install the gatsby-source-filesystem package because we already have it
plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-source-filesystem`,
    options: {
      name: `markdown-pages`,
      path: `${__dirname}/src/markdown-pages`,

  • installed gatsby-transformer-remark to recognize and read markdown files and allow usage of frontmatter metadata
  • created src/markdown-pages/about.md and inserted some dummy text from telescope/docs/overview.md
  • created src/templates/template.js and added the Header to it
  • created gatsby-node.js that uses createPage action creator to create pages using template.js. gatsby-node.js needs work as it’s currently very copy-pasted and uses unrelatable variable names
  • deleted telescope/src/frontend/src/pages/about.js, any About content will go in about.md instead
  • added a footer for links mentioned in this issue
  • changed the title so it says About | Telescope

I initially just wanted to add a footer similar to the one Create-React-App uses

Footer to organize the links

While I was implementing it, I notice I got more and more bored of it… plus I couldn’t get the simple styling right so I posted in the PR asking for styling suggestion/help. @agarcia-caicedo delivered with not only a better footer but a whole layout design.

In all its pixelated-ness, it won my heart

This just needs a few more things before it can be reviewed again:

  • how to get logo to display in the footer, I just slapped on the word LOGO so you can see that it’s in the middle of the footer
  • links aren’t underneath the heading for some reason
  • MUI doesn’t have a Slack icon but they have GitHub icon, where to find icons for both?
  • need photos on the left to work
  • I’m gonna get rid of the date stuff since it doesn’t make sense
  • footer isn’t at the bottom of the page

Not critical to this PR but something I would like to have in the future:

  • bring back the date so that it shows Last modified on: {date} by {contributor} this can show when the content of the about.md page was modified and by whom.

The index.css ticking time bomb is finally gone

Not my work but as someone who has been constantly work in the frontend, it’s one of my favourite PRs. This problem was around for at least two months and wasn’t fixed until earlier today so huge thanks to @humphd for fixing it. Issue #841 was pretty much me reporting where I encounter the css bug so you can read more about it there.

Re-reading my blog, I feel like I didn’t do much work again but I’ve been keeping up with reviewing PRs! I’m always good at that! *nervous laughs*

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