“So I hear you’re a developer…”

It’s the holidays and I almost got away from coding… almost… I haven’t been active on GitHub thanks to all these social gatherings this season, but I managed to picked up a side gig to make a website for a client. He’s in the towing industry and he wants a website where potential customers canContinue reading ““So I hear you’re a developer…””

OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Canada’s Open Source

I got an email the other day from Code for Canada (it was their monthly update newsletter) and saw that Canada has an Open Resource Exchange platform which has a list of open source projects developed by Canadian public administrations. This was something new to me so I thought “wow, let’s see what cool openContinue reading “OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Canada’s Open Source”

OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Telescope #1

So one of my issues this week was adding an express middleware to the frontend. Nothing too exciting but it took me longer than I wanted to figure it out because I was a little bit confused about our project’s structure, there were 3 files I could’ve put the middleware in but I had helpContinue reading “OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Telescope #1”

OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Create-React-App

In my Release 0.2, I made an attempt to resolve dead links found in the create-react-app repository but unfortunately, this issue couldn’t be resolved by someone outside Facebook since the new shortlinks needed Facebook Open Source to set up the DNS for it. This issue won’t be resolved for a while because there are actuallyContinue reading “OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Create-React-App”

OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Telescope #2

My first PR was kinda stale and wasn’t getting approved for some reason so I decided to move onto another issue . My second PR was extremely fun to do since I felt like I was contributing useful to the project. I’ve never implemented any linting on my own before and I learned how toContinue reading “OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Telescope #2”

OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Telescope #1

Telescope is a project meant to replace the outdated Planet that started in to the early 2000s. There will be 50+ student developers working on this where we all have an equal stake and are expected to pretty much find work to do instead of having someone assign it to us. This project started withContinue reading “OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Telescope #1”

OSD 600 PR #3 – Many attempts were made…

I’m having some trouble finding the right repos for me, I encounter the following: Project is too small and the fix is too easy Project is too large, I don’t know how to fix any of the issues and I get lost in all the code So far, I have contributed to very small projectsContinue reading “OSD 600 PR #3 – Many attempts were made…”

OSD 600 PR #2 – Found a DnD repo!

This week I didn’t really have time to do a complicated pull request as it was Thanksgiving weekend so I found a repo that was interesting and very easy to fix. I’ve been a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering so I thought “I wonder if I can find some coolContinue reading “OSD 600 PR #2 – Found a DnD repo!”

OSD 600 PR #1 – Make Cards Responsive in Vue

https://github.com/vardhanapoorv/Open-Source-Contribution-Made-Easy This is a repo that using different frameworks to create the same basic Greek gods application. In this repo, there are different folders for Angular, Ember, Java, Node, React, Vue, etc. There were a number of issues in the Vue version of this application so I chose https://github.com/vardhanapoorv/Open-Source-Contribution-Made-Easy/issues/5 They had a problem where theContinue reading “OSD 600 PR #1 – Make Cards Responsive in Vue”

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