OSD 700 Release 0.8

Continuation from previous blog post. Summary of Tasks Completed: PR #794: Fixes #779 Remove List and ListItem components PR #815: Fixes #778 Hero Banner update [Newly merged] PR #857: Remove unnecessary .css files and logo component Part of the MUI clean up #770 In Progress: [Newly assigned] Issue #765 Header covers search bar component IContinue reading “OSD 700 Release 0.8”

OSD 700 – Release 0.6 Progress

For 0.6, I’ve assigned myself Issue #530 which is pretty much documenting what endpoints we currently have. This shouldn’t be hard to do. As I look at my calendar and notice that today is the first of February, I also note that I’ll be entering Week 5 of this class in a couple days andContinue reading “OSD 700 – Release 0.6 Progress”

OSD 700 Release 0.5

For my 0.5 Release, I chose to audit and improve our documentation. The main area of focus was the the documentation for setting up the environment for new contributors. My first PR was about our project board since we will be using project boards for each release. I added definitions for columns and definitions forContinue reading “OSD 700 Release 0.5”

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