OSD 700 Release 0.8

Continuation from previous blog post. Summary of Tasks Completed: PR #794: Fixes #779 Remove List and ListItem components PR #815: Fixes #778 Hero Banner update [Newly merged] PR #857: Remove unnecessary .css files and logo component Part of the MUI clean up #770 In Progress: [Newly assigned] Issue #765 Header covers search bar component IContinue reading “OSD 700 Release 0.8”

OSD 700 Release 0.5

For my 0.5 Release, I chose to audit and improve our documentation. The main area of focus was the the documentation for setting up the environment for new contributors. My first PR was about our project board since we will be using project boards for each release. I added definitions for columns and definitions forContinue reading “OSD 700 Release 0.5”

OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Telescope #2

For the Telescope project, I found an issue where the href link to the login page wasn’t pointing to the correct location and it was best to move the file to the frontend directory. It was an easy fix so I quickly pushed it without checking the entire page. I totally missed that the “GoContinue reading “OSD 600 Release 0.4 – Telescope #2”

OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Telescope #1

Telescope is a project meant to replace the outdated Planet that started in to the early 2000s. There will be 50+ student developers working on this where we all have an equal stake and are expected to pretty much find work to do instead of having someone assign it to us. This project started withContinue reading “OSD 600 Release 0.3 – Telescope #1”

OSD 600 PR #4 – React

So I decided to sign the CLA for Facebook’s React project on GitHub and tackled https://github.com/facebook/create-react-app/issues/7886 . The bit.ly links were dead and lead to 404 Page Not Found. It’s not really my place to fix this small issue since the person who put the original bit.ly link can change it so it redirects toContinue reading “OSD 600 PR #4 – React”

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