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  • OSD 700 Release 0.9

    3rd April 2020 by

    Completed PR #861 Fixes #765 add toolbar mixin underneath Header bar This fix stops the Header from overlapping on top of the SearchBar in the Search Page and any future pages that will have the Header. The Hero Banner had an anchor that added extra space at the top so I removed it. In Progress… Read more

  • OSD 700 Release 0.8

    22nd March 2020 by

    Continuation from previous blog post. Summary of Tasks Completed: PR #794: Fixes #779 Remove List and ListItem components PR #815: Fixes #778 Hero Banner update [Newly merged] PR #857: Remove unnecessary .css files and logo component Part of the MUI clean up #770 In Progress: [Newly assigned] Issue #765 Header covers search bar component I… Read more

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